Guests begin their Nightmare at the "Monster Midway" where they will be greeted by dozens of freakish characters that freely roam the grounds of the Scream Park. The Midway will also feature concessions, gifts, photo opportunities, Dunko the Clown, Zombie Paintball, *restaurant, bar, go-karts, two themed 18-hole mini-golf courses and more!
*Woodman's of Essex -
"Best Seafood in America"-Forbes FYI Magazine
"Best Local Food in MA" -Yankee Magazine
"Best Steamers 2006" -Boston Magazine's N.E. Travel & Life
"Local Secrets-Big Finds" -Travelocity
"World's Best Fantastic Fast Food" -Travel Channel

Our Haunted Attractions - Our Haunts have been updated for 2009 and we are excited to introduce the addition of 3 brand new and unique Attractions! Presented by SpookyWorld, these 3 new Attractions are guaranteed to have you screaming for more! These are very intense Attractions that have been designed with one goal in mind….SHEER TERROR!
WARNING: Our Attractions have been designed for your fun and amusement, however; our Attractions are not recommended for patrons under the age of 13. We tend to leave the decision of age up to the parents. Being as you know your child better than we do, you will have a better idea of what your child is able to handle. If we were to rate our event it would be given a PG-13 rating.

General Admission Cost: $29.99
V.I.P. Admission Cost: $49.99

Only 45 minutes north of Boston

Buried Alive

Those who dare to enter "Buried Alive" will encounter the creatures that fester below the ground during the various stages of death and decay. Navigate through 14 rooms of sheer terror and brave the infestation of cockroaches, worms, and maggots that live amongst the unfortunate souls beneath the soil. Experience the alarm of being buried underground and get your adrenaline racing.

Ravents Claw

"Raven's Claw Cemetery" Walking deep into the woods, under the iron archway and into the cemetery, guests immediately are surrounded by crypts, tombstones, mausoleums and freshly dug graves. Corpses and zombies lurk in the shadows and fog that blanket the cemetery. "Raven's Claw" takes full advantage of the natural landscape around the historic Merrimack River and is guaranteed to deliver thrills and screams to all who dare to enter!

Night Feeders

"NightFeeders" The smell of blood is in the air and pooling around your feet…… Come face to face with the "NightFeeders", a bloodthirsty cult of vampires who stalk these sacred grounds. Nothing can prepare you for the horrifying scenes of victims feasted upon and abandoned lifeless throughout the halls of this bloodstained hellhole.

House of the Eternal Darkness

"House of Eternal Darkness" Afraid of the dark? Afraid of what you can hear and smell but can't see? Can you find your way out through the suffocating darkness of this house of the dead? House of Eternal Darkness has no light, no way to see your path or what is right next to you; will you panic as the fear sets in? You'll succumb to the edge of your sanity left to wonder whether it is better to live or die. Don't be afraid of the dark…Fear what lurks within it…


"Demented" Sick, twisted, and disturbing are the themes for this the labyrinth of gore and disorder. Not for the faint of heart, the darkest displays of the human character are laid bare in this horror show of atrocity and wickedness. You'll never be the same after witnessing this experiment in evil and carnage.

Freak Show 3D

"The 3-D Freakshow" The Freakshow includes classical 3-D scenes with clowns, carnival themes and toxic waste that are always crowd-thrillers. However, this event prides itself on bringing Extreme 3-D to New England by offering many non-traditional scenes not found anywhere else! This event is designed to confuse and disorient the guests as they twist, turn, and try to escape through the rooms and corridors.

Sleep Stalkers

"Sleep Stalkers" is designed to feel like an old, decrepit hospital. The patients in this hospital suffer from insomnia and are slowly being driven insane by their condition and the dreadful creatures that lurk just outside the hospital walls. Some of the scenes guests will visit include patient "sleeping" quarters, neurological testing facilities, cold storage, the laundry facility and more. With over 15 fright filled rooms, "Sleep Stalkers" is the perfect, bone-chilling way to wrap up this Nightmare.