The Bishop Family is no longer a threat to the people of Litchfield, NH this year. The police took matters into their own hands and shot, killed and locked up most of the family. It’s been said that a couple of members have taken to the hills, but only time will tell if the evil will ever return.

For now, Brigham Manor sits dark. Those in town swear they can still hear the blood curdling screams and cries for help coming from the house. Many have tried to walk through, but none have come close. Although supposedly abandoned, locals claim to have seen an eerie light coming from within the darkness of the condemned home, but many are too afraid to find out what is lurking inside.

It is now your turn to walk through the deserted halls of darkness. No help and nowhere to go but onward. Will you meet the same fate of eternal darkness which have captured those before you? Try if you dare to make it through Brigham Manor, The Darkness.     


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